American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History is an autobiography by United States Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, written with . American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History Mass Market Paperback – January 29, The #1 New York Times bestselling memoir of U.S. Navy Seal Chris Kyle, and the source for Clint Eastwood’s blockbuster movie which was nominated for. American Sniper is the astonishing autobiography of SEAL Chief Chris Kyle. who is Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers.

American Sniper Book

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Uploaded by: CELINA American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in American Sniper and millions of other books are available for instant access. American Sniper book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. From to , U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle recorded the most c. “The raw and unforgettable narrative of the making of our country's record- holding sniper, Chris Kyle's memoir is a powerful book, both in terms of combat action.

The book would be the inspiration behind the film of the same name from director Clint Eastwood. The book tells the Battle of Mogadishu in Somalia in , which was one of the most intense firefights American soldiers had fought since the Vietnam War.

The book entered the list in and would spend weeks on it. After being turned into a feature film in by Ridley Scott, the book would rise as high as No. The book about the Revolutionary War recreates many of its famous battles, including Bunker Hill, Saratoga and Yorktown.

The book entered the best-seller list in September and reached as high as No. His most legendary shot was outside Sadr City in when he spotted an insurgent with a rocket launcher near an Army convoy. Like many other military wives, she braved through the birth and early lives of their two children as well as tensions in their relationship while he was overseas, including his numerous injuries and various forms of post-traumatic stress disorder after his periodic returns from his dangerous deployments in Iraq.

Yet their love for each other, her inner strength and their enduring religious faith were strong enough to sustain their marriage. After leaving the Navy in , he returned to his native Texas and established Craft International, a firm that provides military and law enforcement sniper training as well as private security protection. He volunteers his time with wounded-warrior foundations. Click here for reprint permission. Click to Read More and View Comments. Click to Hide.

May Cheryl K. Donald Trump. This doesn't bother me, I don't care about that. He's not a writer by trade, and I don't expect him to be. This doesn't affect my rating at all. After reading it I had a long argument with my friend who is also interested in psychology whether Chris Kyle was a sociopath or not. I love these kind of "my perspective, tell-all memoirs" that expose a person's psyche to me.

Tons of people have brought up the scandal of him being very But I don't really care. Him lying or exaggerating in his war stories is just something I can't bring myself to care about.

Ditto with the Ventura thing. I feel better for getting all that off my chest now. View all 21 comments. May 26, Brad H rated it it was amazing. I have never really given a book review I have seen several posts by people that have said that the writting is not funcional That might be true. I did find a couple of places where I had to reread a sentance or 2 to understand it.

I would have to place this on the TOP Shelf. What I found very interesting was it was from his perspective and his inner ordeals.

I heard about this book becasue he did an in I have never really given a book review So I added this to my ever growing list of books that I wanted to read. There are few books that a person will come in contact with and will truely enjoy. Not only will you cheer for the kill, but, you will find yourself with a tear for the soldiers and family. One of the truely cool things about this book was the added view points of his wife and family. It was a refreshing and devestating feeling to now "know" from their perspective.

There is a part in the book, that you know and dread is comming. You know its comming When you do I could go on and on.. Kyle's hand and give his wife a hug. Not for an autograph or fame and fortune. Just to say hello and thank you for the book.

One of the finest books I have ever read.

Brad H. View 2 comments. Mar 03, Manny marked it as not-to-read. Just saw the movie.

American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History

Clint Eastwood certainly presents the case very efficiently: Though at times I did suspect him of reductio ad absurdum. View all 29 comments. Sep 05, Keith rated it did not like it. To start with this book is poorly written which makes it a pain to read, but the real point taken from this book is just how clueless the author can be. Most soldiers I've known have had the good sense to realize they've been lied to and used by the U.

This author however thinks Iraqis are "evil" fo To start with this book is poorly written which makes it a pain to read, but the real point taken from this book is just how clueless the author can be. This author however thinks Iraqis are "evil" for wanting to defend their own country!

How absurd is that? He had no problem killing people because he fell for the brainwashing he was given that Iraqis are inherently evil and have no right to freedom, life, or property.

It amazes me that someone can have so many experiences that should show their own hypocrisy yet they still fail to realize it. If the U. I know I would defend our country, and I know if I was Iraqi and some foreign invader came in to steal my property and freedom then I'd defend myself as well. Overall the book shows just how foolish some U. If this guy can be on the front line watching our military murder and steal and not see through the propaganda that's led him to not only waste his life, but to serve out the orders of a tyrannical empire, then it shows that people at home will have an even more difficult time using their heads.

If you read this book with an understanding of the wars, property rights, the difference between offense and defense, etc. View all 14 comments. This is without doubt an interesting and I believe a valuable book.

I note several reviewers which note that the book isn't well written. This is somewhat true in that the writer makes use often of short declarative sentences. There are no literary flourishes no genteel turns of phrase. On the other hand the writing style is direct, clear and again interesting. The book is often much like reading a letter from a friend.

This story takes us into the training life, the professional life, and also This is without doubt an interesting and I believe a valuable book. There are intersecting chapters where we hear from Kyle's wife.

There is at least a bit of insight into both their thoughts and feelings. I suspect anyone who's ever been in a situation anything like this will be reminded of the struggle of someone else to understand what's in your mind while you try to grasp what's in theirs. I'm tempted to say more, but I won't as I can't do justice in a review to what's covered in the book. It's I suppose that I've just finished it and it's in my mind.

You will probably come away from this book with your own impression of Chris Kyle, his life and his beliefs. And of course, his actions. I have the greatest respect for him. I've been in I have badly damaged knees left that way I'm sure from a life time of heavy physical work. BUT the first major injury to my left knee was in a "friendly fight" with a Marine a U. Marine when I was in the army. He had me by four inches and a few pounds and when he threw me across the floor I shifted to to stop myself and get up I never reported that injury but hobbled around for months lest I get in trouble for it.

Oh well I wish him and his family a wonderful life and hope he and his partners prosper. I recommend this book. You will if you allow yourself an open mind find out things that have not been spoken of through most media outlets. They're not secret or classified, they just don't fit the picture most want to show.

You'll learn of the comradery found in combat. You'll even learn that things like honor and patriotism aren't thought obsolete, naive or silly in all places. Not yet at least. View all 4 comments.

Mar 25, Tyson Call rated it did not like it. On one hand, this book was an interesting look into the day-to-day life of a soldier. Kyle seems to have no qualms admitting to the less glamorous sides of war, including the bureaucracy surrounding everything a soldier does. On the other, he seems to have not pondered much the implications behind the war that he helped fight.

I have watched videos of Kyle on YouTube and he seems like a kind man. This is not the impression that you will get from this book, as it is filled with bar fights, disrespect for all people of the countries he fought in, and chauvinist posturing.

He does everything but whip it out and try to measure for you. Regardless, the government sent him there, and he was willing. For that I am grateful, as this is no small feat. This very book, however, communicated to me more than anything else that the force which we were fighting was not much more than a band of AK—47 weilding roustabouts, not an opposing army. For Kyle it was just like a shooting gallery, with the occasional lucky shot on the Americans.

It is not uplifting, nor depressing; it is but an account of a series of battles by a particularly gung-ho soldier who happened to see quite a bit of action during his time at war, but is unwilling to consider the sum beyond the parts.

View all 5 comments.

Jan 03, Eric Franklin rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Anybody who tears up for "God, Country, and Family" - in that order. This book showcases a pathological lack of introspection on behalf of its author. It takes a complex world at a chaotic time and reduces it to black and white so that he doesn't have to feel remorse or contemplate the root causes of violence and how it might have been avoided in the first place. I respect Chris Kyle's service and hoped to find a thoughtful reflection on his experience in Iraq but this cowboy turned Navy Seal's lack of self-reflection was really hard to read.

View all 7 comments. Mar 31, Steve rated it it was ok. This book made me sad - both for the Americans who were killed or maimed, and for the people who are killed and maimed by the Americans.

War sucks, and is almost always wrong. This book did nothing to change my opinion on that. It was very familiar reading Chris's experience and understandings and recognizing myself when I join the Marine Corps both to fight for my country and to prove myself right before the first gulf war. I was both a patriot and a romantic. Now I am neither, but instead I wis This book made me sad - both for the Americans who were killed or maimed, and for the people who are killed and maimed by the Americans.

Now I am neither, but instead I wish for liberty for all people and see that most evil and suffering is caused by governments going to war for their various agendas - rarely for defense of their people which is the only valid reason for violence. If you don't understand the mindset of our young men and women being willing to kill for, and die for their country, then I recommend that you read this book.

I didn't love it.

10 best-selling military books for Memorial Day, including 'Unbroken,' 'American Sniper'

It was not fun for me to read - but it was very familiar. My one fear about this book and others like it is that people reading it begin to romanticize war and violence.

Sure, it is exciting. Even sounds fun. But the reality is much much different. Let's support our troops by bringing them home. Jan 13, It's just me Shelly B rated it really liked it Shelves: They also gave me a name: Chis Kyle Navy SEAL The mindset that comes with this type of discipline is beyond what I could ever comprehend. Basically I was "awe struck" I could not put this book down! Now if you are looking for Pulitzer Prize writing you aren't going to find that here and some parts are very choppy.

However I didn't care I just wanted his thoughts, the writing style didn't matter to me with this one; The book touches on all aspects of his life, so not only do we get all the gory war details and the hardships faced during wartime but also the toll all the deployments had on his wife and family.

It's not sugar coated, he did not try to make himself look good, it was real. The letters from his wife especially toward the end broke my heart, as a mother myself I can't imagine how difficult it was for her with an infant and a toddler, no help and constantly worrying if your husband is dead or alive. Chris Kyle, in my mind, is a true American hero.

View all 15 comments. There have been so many wildly differing opinions about Chris Kyle, his memoir, and movie Clint Eastwood made from it that I long ago decided that the only opinion I could trust is my own, so here goes. Then, and only then, will I be able to review the book itself. In my younger days I served as a Navy corpsman assigned to a Marine Corps unit.

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I found th There have been so many wildly differing opinions about Chris Kyle, his memoir, and movie Clint Eastwood made from it that I long ago decided that the only opinion I could trust is my own, so here goes. I found the Marines I served with different from anyone else I had ever known.

Their view of the world was unlike mine in almost every way. They were more likely to see things in black and white. They were often rude, crude and socially unacceptable. Their interest in understanding the enemy extended only to learning how best to kill them.

Very few of them were any good at literary discussions. Despite that, they took their duties very seriously. Becoming Marines was the crowning achievement of their lives. They were very dedicated and extremely loyal.

If I ever found myself in trouble, there is nobody on earth that I would rather have watching my back. These men were warriors. An effective warrior achieves no benefit from recognizing the humanity of the enemy. Doing so only hinders his ability to accept and live with the life he has chosen. He is neither a psycho killer nor a hero. Chris Kyle was a warrior, and a very good one.

American Sniper – Book Review

If you find this distasteful, your distaste is misdirected. It is war and the politicians who start them that deserve our scorn. Now for my impressions of the book itself. The truth is that I enjoyed it but it could have been better. It read less like an autobiography and more like a collection of anecdotes. The chapters were broken down into sections, many of less than a page, each relating an incident that occurred during his training or deployments in Iraq.

As I read it I pictured Kyle sitting with a ghost writer and tape recorder, telling stories and answering question. The short sections made it easy to read and the anecdotal delivery reminds me of an exchange of war stories told over a few beers at the local watering hole. Such exchanges can reveal more about the speaker than intended and Kyle is often overly candid regarding his view of the Iraqis, politicians and officers.

What the book does best is describe the role snipers played in Iraq. One section of the book that falls short is where Kyle describes the weapons and equipment he used.

This must have been a difficult section to write because the writer must answer the questions of those ignorant of firearms while not boring those who are already familiar with the tools of the trade. As a veteran who is not unfamiliar with weapons I should have had no trouble in following everything he said on the subject. Even so, I found myself struggling with some of the technical jargon he used.

In addition, some equipment he mentioned such as VS panels, bright orange pieces of cloth displayed to identify themselves to friendly forces, were not adequately described until more than pages after they were first mentioned.

This makes me think that readers would be greatly aided by a glossary at the back of the book. Some critics have said that Kyle was an egotist. I found the book interesting, more so than the movie. Thanks, Bob, for your service and for the loan of this book.

View all 6 comments. Mar 03, Kelly rated it liked it Shelves: This is hard for me to review. I do not have a military background, and I fear that my comments here might upset those who do.

I chose to read the book after Chris Kyle was killed while on a gun range. I have not seen him on any TV interviews nor have I read any other articles about him. I saw the brief news report about his murder, and I remembered reading a review of his book. In the beginning Kyle says that it doesn't matter how many of the enemy he has killed, but he then goes on to "brag" was it bragging or am I reading too much into his words?

For a Christian man, he certainly swears quite a bit that's merely an observation and not a criticism because I, too, swear despite being Christian.

I found myself liking and almost admiring Kyle at times for his bravery, patriotic loyalty, and his "aw shucks, I'm just doing my job and I'm not anyone special" attitude. However, other times I found him irritatingly obtuse about family and civilian life, and I found the stereotypes he highlighted about training, other branches of the military, and the enemy degrading. I liked that Kyle's wife added her side of the story to some of the chapters because it humanized Kyle,and It's nice that the couple's marriage survived despite the odds.

I was never tempted to stop reading the story, and I like that Kyle was candid in his portrayal of what he does - he's very human - part hero, part badass, part humble, part good ole boy - all that is needed to be the man and SEAL he needed to be in order to get the job done.

My final verdict? I might not always connect with a man like Kyle or feel comfortable with what he does and why, but I'm darn glad that there are men like Kyle who are willing and able to do what most of us cannot.

And I am saddened that his death was unbecoming of the man he was; he deserved better than that. On my own, I probly wouldn't have picked this up I got this as a christmas gift from my Aunt Eileen so I figured why not step out of my book zone and try it?: I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this I may not agree with everything Chris says but I admire and respect him He made things that would normally have my eyes gloss over sound interesting and compelling.

I loved wh On my own, I probly wouldn't have picked this up I loved when his wife Taya inserted her thoughts as well The way this is written, I felt like I was in Chris's head or walking beside him as he explained things and showed us what he and his platoon and all of them went through. Not a quick read but an enjoyable one, easy to get lost in and forget where you are: Sep 23, James Tivendale rated it liked it Shelves: I had seen the film advertised and before I watched that thought I would check out this book before hand.

Chris is a American loving, God-fearing, gun enthusiast who tells us his tale. I have to admit, I was not too in to the book straight away. He seemed a bit like an arrogant, opinionated Texan and his presentation was almost one dimensional. This changes throughout his time in the forces as the Greatest Ever Sniper - nicknamed the Legend by his company and the Devil by his enemies. I think this is due to him finding himself as a person, his passion and also due to his loving wife. We do hear some 1st person segments from his wife which explain both sides of the spectrum of being in love with a long absent war hero.

Towards the end this book really comes to it's strengths. I would say the last half is star. What seemed like nameless friends of Chris at the start who fleet in and out of the story - now become people you really feel for and you can imagine that war doesn't end happy for everyone. Things heat up out in warfare. Things aren't going as well at home. The effects the war has on you. His explanation of things the Seals have to do as part of the day job.

He explains his ammunition, equipment and guns like an expert which makes you feel almost like you are on the field of battle.

But finally, towards the end - his changes love for his fellow soldiers and his family really shone through to me. He was still an America loving, politically incorrect guy who should have had a criminal record as long as his arm. However; he was a very likeable person and I enjoyed the book finale. I will now definitely checkout them film Thank you for reading. Peace xx James www. Jan 09, Neil rated it it was amazing. I really liked the movie that was based on this book.

That was until I read the book unfortunately poetic licence from the film makers has taken over again. Why take a great book then mess around with the truth of it had Chris kyle still been around I think the movie would of been totally different.

That being said I loved the book Straightforward, not politically correct, raw, honest story of a SEAL at war. Very good at his main job of killing his enemy, honest in his description of his evolution from young, idealistic warrior to hardened combat veteran.

I appreciated his wife's contributions to the story. She provides an alternate view of his combat deployments and how his service impacted their relationship. Non-military readers will gain an appreciation of how the family has to deal with someone deployed to th 4 Stars. Non-military readers will gain an appreciation of how the family has to deal with someone deployed to the combat zone and what happens when they get back.

This is a war story at the small unit level, no grand strategy or operational art of war here How sad he was killed by a veteran suffering from PTS, after all the wild combat situations he survived. Feb 12, Don rated it it was amazing. I can't believe Chris Kyle is gone, he has left a void in this world that can't be replaced. I really enjoyed the writing in his own words. I felt like I got to know him, feel what he was feeling, experiencing.

The man was a American Hero, he did what his country ask of him, he did more than ask of him, there needs to be more Americans with the same values and beliefs as Chris. Jan 11, Mike Anastasia rated it it was amazing. This book is amazing. First, as this is a book about a soldier who killed people in a highly controversial war, I'm going to say that my review will be as devoid of politics as possible.

I come from a long li Wow. Hate the country and its leadership all you want; protesting soldiers' homecomings and leaving "your Purple Heart should have been a casket" letters on veterans' cars is inexcusable. There's an accountability in war that we all deserve an opinion on, but it cannot be argued that our soldiers do the job our elected officials tell them to do.

If you hate it, run for office and rid the world of war yourself.

As usual, I liked the book more than the movie and, while Bradley Cooper was magical, you get such a closer look at Kyle's emotional battles in his text. Writing a book like this can't be easy.I really did build up a sense of resiliency and endurance with his help. This must have been a difficult section to write because the writer must answer the questions of those ignorant of firearms while not boring those who are already familiar with the tools of the trade.

Citizens are beaten with apparent impunity. There are things about him I liked and things I could not wrap my head around. Adrenaline-charged and deeply personal, American Sniper is a thrilling eyewitness account of war that only one man could tell. The whole first half of the book recalls his days filled with abundant free time between training and waiting to go to war, which he spent fighting at bars, and eventually meeting his wife who "looked hot, and classy as hell in black leather pants.

On the other, he seems to have not pondered much the implications behind the war that he helped fight.

She has parts of this book told in her voice and honestly it kept me from not liking Kyle completely that he added them in. Kyle writes in the beginning of his book that he chose to write it because it had come to his attention that others wanted to tell his story, an he figured he'd better tell it himself.