PDF | INTRODUÇÃO: A influência dos efeitos do calor no torque em OBJETIVOS: Analisar o efeito da diatermia por ondas curtas no torque. PDF | Short Wave Diathermy (SWD) equipment is used in Equipamentos de diatermia por ondas curtas (DOC) são utilizados em clínicas de. Porém, o tempo para re-expansão nos pacientes que receberam diatermia por ondas curtas, foi reduzido em 4,78 dias em comparação a.

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Equipamentos de diatermia por ondas curtas (DOC) são utilizados em clínicas de e que há falta de conhecimento das normas por parte dos fisioterapeutas. No caso dos tratamentos por calor profundo, cujas ferramentas terapêuticas ( ultra-som, microondas e ondas curtas) são capazes de aquecer os tecidos mais . Cargado por denivaldo Very goob receiver! Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for .. Diatermia Por Ondas Curtas. Cargado por.

Environment Inspection The environment in which the equipment is utilized must be inspected and controlled to assure that metal objects are not present in the room and instead, stretchers and wood supports should be used.

The electrical installations of the rooms are considered below.

Electrical Safety Tests Medical procedures usually expose the patients to a series of hazards, among them the possibility of an electric shock Webster, Measurements were also done on the supply voltages of the electrical installations in the sites where the equipment is used, making use of an electrical safety analyzer Turbo tester from Biotek, USA designed to be used for biomedical equipment.

This analyzer when connected to the receptacles outlets inside the room and the equipment measures the voltages of the receptacles as well as the leakage currents from the chassis to the earth for the equipment under test. Other characteristics analyzed, regarding electrical safety, were the existence of the third conductor protective earth conductor of the installation and the verification of the plug of the equipment that must not have an adaptor from 3 to 2 pins.

The question "how does one know if the equipment is in good condition?

Concerning the item "uses and cares on the application with short wave therapy" 12 questions were elaborated, being one of them subjective. Finally, regarding the subjective question "what is done when the patient reports that it is too warm on the local of the application of the therapy?

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All the instruments presented specifications of manufacturer and model. One instrument had no electrodes. Another instrument did not heat; one had a broken schliephack electrode support; one was without one of the supports that should be in number of 4 and in one else the cables did not connect firmly.

Also, only two presented guarantee certificates. The data for the accompanying documents were taken from the previously commented standards and they are described on table 2. Environment The rooms in a total of 12 , in which the SWD instruments were operating, were visually evaluated and the results analyzed. Just in one place there was a Faraday cage and in it there were 6 SWD and one microwave diathermy instruments.

Electric Safety Tests For the rooms, it was verified the presence or not of electrical installation with 3 conductors, e. From 12 evaluated rooms, 11 had receptacles with 3 conductors and only one had with 2 conductors.

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However, not all of the instruments used in the rooms whose receptacles had 3 conductors presented plugs with 3 pins. Concerning the item "leakage current", 16 instruments were tested. The four instruments that were not tested had plugs non-compatible with the input of the analyzer used for the measurements.

This finding associated with the absence of guarantee certificates and other documents related to the equipment, make it difficult to the process of preventive maintenance, since for this purpose it is necessary that all documents and information related to the equipment is recorded and filled in.

All 10 physiotherapists that were interviewed did not know about the ABNT standards, which specify tests and requirements for the installation and use of SWD therapy equipment. This can make the set up of an appropriate local for the treatment more difficult, the same may happen with the control of some safety parameters specified by the standards, as well as to verify if the instrument that is being used is working properly, since the standards bring important specifications for that control.

It was observed that there is great controversy mainly concerning the periodicity of maintenance, tests used at the acquisition, conditions of good functioning and equipment handling.

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The visual inspection is an important item of equipment control. Many problems can be detected visually Webster, The instruments were inspected in order to identify possible failure in its use condition, which could adversely affect the safety of the patient as well as the operator.

Considering the 20 instruments visually evaluated, none was entirely in conformity with the standards. The absence of accompanying documents makes it impossible for the user to consult them when there is a real need and in addition to that, it brings difficulty for the implementation of a maintenance program as commented previously.

The environment must be visually evaluated to assure that the emitted radiation by the SWD equipment does not cause any interference in other devices and that metallic objects present in the area do not cause concentration of radiation Shields et al. None of the 12 environments inspected was considered absolutely suitable to support the SWD therapy application, either by the presence of metal objects that collaborate with the concentration of radiation or by the presence of other electrothermofototherapy equipment that can be influenced by the SWD radiation.

RF radiation emitted can interfere with other electrotherapy devices in a range of 3m to 5m CSP, It is pointed out that only the documents of one SWD equipment manufacturer recommended the use of a Faraday's cage.

Finally, taking into account the results and the discussion above reported, some general conclusions can be presented. In spite of the existence of Brazilian standards ABNT which specify parameters of control and functioning for the correct practice of SWD therapy as well as with electro medical equipment in general, it is noticed that the standards, in most cases, are not known by the professionals of the biomedical area and consequently they are not followed.

This allows the increasing of the hazards for the user as much as for the patients. Thus, awareness by the physiotherapists that make use of this therapy is necessary, concerning the verification and control of their instruments, in order to assure their correct functioning and to avoid risks for the patient's treatment. The manufacturers must also specify the information required by the standards, considering the documents of the equipment and the necessary marks on it.

That would greatly help the process of preventive maintenance.

Considering the item electrical safety, it is important for the physiotherapists that the project and the implementation of the electrical installations are carried out only by qualified professionals, thus avoiding problems and possible risks involving the equipment and the installation, protecting both patient and operator from damage.

The manufacturers also must have a deeper concern about the project and the construction of their instruments, whose requirements of electrical safety are defined in standards, so that these needs are followed and rigorously respected under the penalty of not proportioning electrical protection when in use.

Thallium is a rare and dispersed element that occurs micrpondas in sulfur-containing ores. In this work a study of surface modification of polyethylene by plasmas with discharges of direct current of oxygen and nitrogen is presented. The precise knowledge of muscle strength level of an individual is important both for the evaluation of functional capacity and for appropriate exercise prescription El campo magnetico llegaba hasta 9 kOe en 1,75 ms.

Due to low cost and excellent biodegradability, the use of starch as a raw material for bioplastic production is growing in interest. Phosphate glasses have been microondss since the fifties, because they are relatively easy to prepare, have low melting temperatures deg Eiatermia — deg Cand low glass transition. Titanium and aluminium ions implanted by plasma on polyethylene; lones de titanio y aluminio implantados por plasma sobre polietileno.

For that reason, many of the works are focused in the one analysis and amplification of microonads area with the purpose of finding improvements in the existent systems and always looking for oneself end: The evaluation of muscle strength is essential to human performance.

Microondas, Ondas Curtas e Ultrassom. From this moment, PS returned close to the initial value, and in the last assessment, PS reduced again. Plasma density determination by microwave interferometry. Study of growth of gadolinium-doped ceria nanobelts by a hydrothermal microwave system; Estudo do crescimento de nanofitas de ceria dopada com gadolinio por sistema de aquecimento por micro-ondas.

The Plasma powder transferred arc welding process, which uses feed stock in the powder form, has similarities with Plasma wire transferred arc welding. Full Text Available The results obtained in the preparation of hydrotalcite-like compounds using microwave radiation are reported.

Comportamiento a desgaste de recubrimientos de WC proyectados por plasma a partir de polvos micro y nanoestructurados. Probably the main problem in microwave drying of these products is the need to dry simultaneously parts with very different sizes, weights, thicknesses and geometries.

Physiological effects of thermal changes in tissues might influence some physical properties of muscle fibers, such as strength.

Se incorpora en la discusion ademas el potencial del metodo para el estudio de propiedades dielectricas en muestras de geometria general. The biggest hardness and depth of penetration of the nitrogen were obtained when the biggest density in the plasma was used to carry out the experiments.Acoustical Physics.

On the other hand, tribology characterization of the coatings was made by pin-on-disk wear tests against alumina HV and silicon nitride HV ceramic balls, without lubrication.

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Access in: 14 abr. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. J Biomech Eng. I felt that either should provide the gain I was looking for, and the beef stew horn seemed to be the better of the two, both in terms of performance and ease of assembly. Fifa 15 Resource Pack - Frankie. Download FIFA 14 1. That would greatly help the process of preventive maintenance.

It is pointed out that only the documents of one SWD equipment manufacturer recommended the use of a Faraday's cage.