In a series of sharing useful study material, today I am sharing Computer Knowledge questions PDF. Number of questions - Useful for - All. Computer Knowledge Questions for IBPS Exams was given below. in PDF · Monthly Current Affairs Tit-Bits – September in PDF. Computer Awareness PDF: AC Computer Awareness PDF Capsule for banking exams, insurance exams and other government exams.

Computer Awareness Bits Pdf

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Computer AwarenessHand Notes & PDF Download · By SenDhil Last This PDF contains some unfamiliar questions from Previous papers. More about Computer Awareness, General Knowledge, Quant, Verbal, Logic and DI on .. A group of 8 bits is known as a—. (A) Byte. (B) Kilobyte. Basic computer knowledge is as important to a banker as a paper is to a publisher. This basic computer knowledge section covers many important questions for.

James Gosling.

Basic Computer Knowledge Test 500 + Questions and Answers

Charles Babbage. Gordon E. Option 'C' Charles Babbage.

How many generations of computers we have? Option 'C' 5. The operating system. The motherboard.

The platform. Application software.

How Basic Computer Knowledge Test and MCQs are useful?

Option 'A' The operating system. The difference between people with access to computers and the Internet and those without this access is known as the: Internet divide.

Web divide. Option 'A' Digital divide.

Computer Knowledge

Identity theft. Option 'C' Spam.

The term 'Pentium' is related to. Hard Disk. Option 'C' Microprocessor. What does HTTP stands for? Head Tail Transfer Protocol.

Basic Computer Knowledge Test Questions and Answers Questions and Answers

Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Hypertext Transfer Plotter. Hypertext Transfer Plot.

Option 'B' Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Option 'B' Formatting. Which computer memory is used for storing programs and data currently being processed by the CPU? Internal memory. Mass memory.

Non-volatile memory. Option 'A' Internal memory.

You can easily solve all kind of Basic Computer - questions based on Aptitude by practicing exercise given in this Computer - section. Students can learn and improve on their skillset for using Basic Computer Knowledge effectively and can also prepare for competitive examinations like Computer Knowledge Quiz -1 15 - 04 - Toggle navigation MENU. Previous papers, different model papers can also seen here.

The basic computer - practice problem section will get you the required practice and experience. We will see some of these topics at a stretch and divide the number of practice sections into subsections for convenience. The following will check your basic computer -. One can get all the shortcut methods explained in a detailed manner in Quantiative section. Why Programming and Basic Computer -?

Where can I get Programming and Basic Computer - questions and answers with explanations?You can see the explanation for the questions of sensation and a good user interface.

The following will check your basic computer -. Operating system. The difference between people with access to computers and the Internet and those without this access is known as the: SBI PO exam — model question papers.

Basic Computer - and Programming Interview Questions and Answers are very useful in all the kinds of competitive examinations from Clerk level to Officer level. Option 'C' Charles Babbage.