Your Secure Key PIN is personal to you and you should keep it secret at all times. Do not divulge it to anyone, including first direct employees. If your Secure Key. Your 1st Account is designed to take care of all your day-to-day banking needs. Our Internet Banking service is the perfect way to keep track of your money. Counter service (where available) - pay cash and cheques into your account(s). Services available at Post Office® branches. You can withdraw cash, pay in.

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Sending money outside the UK? Our International Payment service is quick, easy and secure Convenient. Send money 24/7 - and you can set up future-dated. Our current account customers are the most satisfied in the country - which is something and information set out in our Security Procedures Document (PDF). the “Terms”) that apply to 1st Account, Savings Account, Everyday “you” and “ your” mean the account-holder or, if the account is in joint.

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It is important for you to understand from the sender which charging option they have selected when sending this money to you. The sender has different options to; pay all the charges, share the charges or for you to pay all the charges.

If the sender opts to pay all the fees; no charges will be applied If the sender opts to share the fees; the charge s in the table above will apply to you If the sender opts for you to pay all fees; the charges in the table above will apply together with any intermediary and agency bank charges The above charges will be deducted from the payment before we add them to your account where applicable.

Any charges applied to money received will appear in your statement. Close cookie notification.

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At a glance In more detail Show the section At a glance. Our International Payment service is quick, easy and secure Show the section In more detail. Sending money outside the UK? Open all. What will I need?

How much will it cost? Payments to within the EEA If you're making a payment to another person in the EEA, you will pay our charges shown in the table above together with any intermediary and agency bank charges. Payments to outside the EEA You have different options to; you pay all the charges, share the charges or for the beneficiary to pay all charges.

The charge s applied to the payment will depend on the charging option selected. If you opt to pay all the fees: The charges in the table above will apply together with any intermediary, agency and beneficiary bank charges.

If you opt to share the fees: The charge in the table above will apply together with any intermediary and agency bank charges. If you opt the beneficiary to pay all fees: No charges will be applied.

How much can I send? How long will it take? Payments to an account within the EEA will normally be credited by the next working day.

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Can I cancel my payment instruction? Immediate payment If you've asked us to make a payment immediately, you can't cancel it - sorry.

Future dated or recurring payment You can cancel a future-dated or recurring international payment through Online Banking or by giving us a call. How can I check the first direct Exchange Rate applied? Immediate payment For immediate payments, you'll be shown the exchange rate before you make the payment - which you can choose to accept or reject. Future dated or recurring payment For future dated or recurring payments, the exchange rate will be applied on the day the payment is made.

Want to send money outside the UK?

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By Telephone Please contact our call centre. Receiving money from outside the UK Things you need to know before receiving a payment The overseas bank sending the payment to you will need to know the following information about the account you wish to be credited - Providing this information will help to ensure that the payment happens as quickly as possible.

Using customer service to position a business A first direct case study Below is a list of Business Case Studies case studies organised alphabetically by company. To view more companies, please choose a letter from the list below. Page 1: Introduction When customers download manufactured goods, such as a mobile phone, a magazine, a bicycle, some new clothes or a computer, they usually know precisely what they are getting.

These products have tangible qualities.

Customers make choices based on the particular features of each product. Retailers need to provide good customer service, so that customers can find out more about products before making a download and can get a refund or after-sales service if a product proves to be faulty or unsatisfactory.

***£100 to say goodbye

However, customer service is only a small part of the overall offer. For example, a customer may expect good service when downloading some new shoes, but this is unlikely to be the main factor in deciding whether to make a download.

Factors like price, comfort, style and brand are likely to be more persuasive. Customer service is more important for businesses that provide services rather than physical products. In fact it is often good customer service that wins and keeps customers in the first place. Many service industries provide essentially similar products.

For example, all hotels provide accommodation and most offer food as well. All banks offer customers current and savings accounts.If you're not happy with your account, you have a 14 day period after you receive your welcome pack to close your account.

The task group recommended that the Council proceed with the development of a 12, seat arena. To update your events select 'text message banking' and then 'manage messages'.

If you choose to save the format, it will pre-select the most recent dates since your last download except credit cards where no dates will be saved. How can I update my text message banking events? Your balance may not represent funds that are available for you to withdraw. Please note that the ' refresh statement ' function will update the statement information for the account selected, but will not update any other account or your balance summary.