If you don't get lost, there's a chance you may never be found. Jenna McGovern has spent her whole life training for the stage. She's taken dance classes, voice. Melissa Brayden pdf epub ebooks. To explore the map, Waiting in the Wings run around to Suzanne. Waiting in the Wings • 9 • Chapter One How soon can you be in New York?” That's how the call began. I hadn't bothered to check the caller ID before answering.

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Jean Plaidy - [Georgian Saga 11] - Victoria in the Wings (epub) - dokument THE GEORGIAN SAGA The Princess of Celle Queen in Waiting Caroline, the. Looking for Dixie Lynn Dwyer cherry hill series books in ePub there's 12 of them 1 a place to call home 3 starting over 10 when does life begin 11 pain behind. Leseprobe · The Summers Bluff Saga (eBook, ePUB) - Dempsey, Suz Liebe auf vier Pfoten (eBook, ePUB). 7,99 Waiting in the Wings (eBook, ePUB). 5,

This was somewhat of a ritual for me. A way to sort things out when I had a lot on my mind.

As I watched the orange rise and fall back into my hand over and over again, I admitted to myself there was no way this was going to happen. No way.

Do not get your hopes up. When I returned to the studio at four, I had convinced myself this was an audition for fun and to gain a little experience. During one of the five-minute breaks, I shuffled through my bag for a bottle of water as one of the other girls casually sat next to me on the floor.

She was smaller than me, with short dark hair that bounced when she danced. True, she was behind a half step on the first few run-throughs, but her movements were crisp and clean. She was my toughest competition. Are you new? After a while you get used to the same old faces at audition after audition. Fresh off the boat, huh? I guess we should head back over. Break a leg. I laughed.

It was nice to have a friendly face in the midst of this process. Lanie looked to be maybe four or five years older than me and therefore probably came with more experience. It would be cool to talk to her more and bend her ear about the business, if she was willing, of course.

But that would have to wait until later. The audition continued and continued and continued. God, did it continue. Once the dance audition concluded, they still had each one of us read one final scene before thanking us for our time.

Instead, I started on my way home for the night. They want to see you again.

You must be doing something right. I dropped my bag and began to quickly change back into my dance shoes, just in case.

Before I could get the left one on, Lanie walked in the room and glanced around expectantly. She raised her eyebrows and tilted her head. This girl was fun, if not a little crazy.

I decided to get her number before she left. There was a definite friend potential there. Before I could get that number, however, Brenda Herring followed by Irritated Guy from the check-in process breezed into the studio. Thank you so much for returning this evening. No reason to wait.

Talk faster, Brenda Herring. Apparently, it had come down to Lanie and me. I glanced at her and she sent a small smile back my way, along with a nod of her head.

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The goal is for you to start in the show two weeks from now when it hits Chicago. I put my arms around her and gave her a squeeze.

You deserve it. Plus, I now had credible audition experience. I shook my head to be sure I heard her correctly. I allowed the whole sentence to hit home. I thought this audition was for strictly ensemble. Auditions for an Alexis replacement were held last week. Dermot saw the show recently on the road and was unhappy with the actress playing Alexis and she was let go.

We had a few understudies in contention for the role, but no one we were excited about. You nailed a certain likability the character needs in the first half of the show and the strength she needs in the second. With an OverDrive account, you can save your favorite libraries for at-a-glance information about availability.

Download Kindred and Wings ebook {PDF} {EPUB}

Find out more about OverDrive accounts. If you don't get lost, there's a chance you may never be found. Jenna McGovern has spent her whole life training for the stage.

She's taken dance classes, voice lessons, and even earned her performance degree from one of the most prestigious musical theater programs in the nation. At graduation, she's stunned when a chance audition lands her a prime supporting role in the hottest Broadway touring production in the country. In more exciting news, Jenna discovers acclaimed television star Adrienne Kenyon is headlining the production.

Jenna settles easily in to life on tour and has a promising career laid out in front of her, if only she plays her cards right. I promptly threw away everything in the pile I was sorting through and opened my laptop to see about that plane ticket.


I got up early that morning, wanting to take my time and hit Starbucks before my ten a. This was my zone. It was all a matter of showing these people what I was capable of. After that, it was out of my hands. The casting notice Andrew Latham had sent my way was fairly vague. They were looking for a twenty-something actress to replace a girl from a touring production of a Broadway show.

It was an equity show, so the fact I already had my union card from my regional work helped. I entered the small waiting area and saw three rows of girls who all looked, well, a lot like me. I felt immediately inconsequential, but reminded myself that was not the mentality that was going to get me anywhere near Broadway.

I was going to have to prove myself every step of the way. I reported to the clearly irritated young guy collecting the headshots. The tour had kicked off a few months ago and starred Adrienne Kenyon in the lead role of Evan. This was monumental. This was an opportunity of a lifetime.

This was so out of my league. Before I had a chance to reflect on this new development any further, Irritated Guy called my name and sent me into the audition room.

A long table was set up across the room, comprised of five people. I introduced myself to the panel and handed my music to the accompanist when I saw Dermot Levonshire sitting among those at the table.

I was about to audition for not just casting agents, but for the director of Clean Slate and about six other successful Broadway shows. I swallowed hard. As the music began to play, I felt everything slow down.

My voice felt strong, which gave me courage. I did my best to let each note resonate, staying light and delicate on the fun parts of the song, and then moving into the power notes, holding eye contact with each member of that table in rotation.

Download Kindred and Wings ebook {PDF} {EPUB}

Fearless, I had to show them I was fearless. As the song began to crescendo, I made sure to control my belt and let the emotion of the lyrics come through. I added a little bit of movement and ended the song with the playful grin that would hopefully show my carefree side as well. When I finished, the table applauded and consulted with one another quietly.

Waiting in the Wings

Finally, the middle-aged woman sitting in the center of the group introduced herself. I think we collectively enjoy your voice but would like to see more from you. Would you mind reading the scene with Brent? Brent, the actor onsite for the reading, strolled over and took a seat on the stool next to me. I took a final glance at the sides and tossed the paper to the floor.

The premise was for me to seduce Brent and end the scene by taking his face in my hands and kissing him.He expects a cold, hard life, filled with danger and uncertainty. For though King George III has many children, all are middle-aged and none have legitimate heirs to secure the Hanoverian dynasty.

Hawk Mysterious happenings are nothing new to reclusive scholar Percival Endicott Whyborne, but finding one of his colleagues screaming for help in the street is rather unusual. Jenna McGovern has spent her whole life training for the stage. Contents 5. Waiting in the Wings by Tara Frejas.