FADE IN: EXT. LONDON - CHINESE ROBERT DOWNEY, JR., confronts RACHEL MCADAMS on a crowded street. ROBERT DOWNEY. SHERLOCK - looking tired - sits opposite a shifty man in a . next to SHERLOCK is MYCROFT HOLMES. SHERLOCK. I can't. this game with you? You think he wants to .. The Golem giggles and darts into the shadows. STREET LAMP -- shadows within shadows. whip-like silhouette of SHERLOCK HOLMES. Holmes Holmes is not in the mood for games.

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Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were created by the late Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and appear in stories and novels by him. This script is the. After SHERLOCK HOLMES (Robert Downey Jr.) and Moriarty meet for the first time, Moriarty tells Holmes that he killed Irene and DR. Holmes, you in there? Your hedge needs trimming. Where am I? I don't care where you are as long as you're ready. I'm waiting. I'm not gonna play this game.

Simza takes the pair to the headquarters of an anarchist group to which she and Rene had formerly belonged. They learn that the anarchists have been forced to plant bombs for Moriarty. The trio follows Holmes' deduction that the bomb is in the Paris Opera. However, Holmes realizes too late that he has been tricked and that the bomb is in a nearby hotel; its explosion kills a number of assembled businessmen. Holmes discovers that the bomb was a cover for the specific assassination of Alfred Meinhard, one of the attendees, by Moriarty's henchman, Sebastian Moran.

Meinhard's death grants Moriarty ownership of Meinhard's arms factory in Germany. Holmes, not wishing to repeat his mistake from the previous evening, spies on Moriarty, learning he is travelling to Germany. Holmes deduces it is to visit his newly acquired factory and so the trio follow him there.

At the factory, Moriarty captures, interrogates, and tortures Holmes while Watson fights Moran. Holmes spells out Moriarty's plot, revealing that the Professor secretly acquired shares in multiple war profiteering companies using various pseudonyms to conceal his identity and intends to instigate a world war to make himself a fortune.

Meanwhile, Watson uses the cannon he had been hiding behind to destroy the watchtower in which Moran is concealed. The structure collapses into the warehouse where Moriarty is holding Holmes captive. Watson, Simza, and an injured Holmes reunite and escape aboard a moving train. Holmes deduces that Moriarty's final target will be a peace summit in Switzerland , creating an international incident.

I need you alive. John Watson: All mine? He looks up and sees Simza chasing the Cossack one floor above and takes off. Watson looks around and suddenly realizes that he is surrounded by opportunistic gamblers] Now wait a minute. Give up your foolish trickery This fish you cannot cheat. Sherlock Holmes: The psychological analysis of handwriting. Sherlock Holmes: Moral insanity. Professor James Moriarty: In answer to your previous request regarding Dr.

Watson not being involved, the answer is "no": the laws of celestial mechanics dictate that when two objects collide, there is always damage of a collateral nature. The strain proves too much for her, and she suddenly falls ill [Irene stops, gasps, clutches her chest, and collapses] with tragic consequences.

She succumbed in a matter of seconds. Sherlock Holmes: I'm afraid, you'd lose. Professor James Moriarty: Rest assured, if you attempt to bring destruction down upon me, I shall do the same to you. My respect for you, Mr. Holmes, is the only reason you're still alive. Sherlock Holmes: You have paid me several compliments. Let me pay you one in return when I say that if I were assured of the former eventuality I would cheerfully accept the latter.

James Moriarty: Oh and John Watson: Come in! John Watson: Thank you. Put it there. He promptly attacks Watson with a knife, but Watson wards him off, and Mary puts a gun to his head, while Watson opens the door] Mary Watson: Open the door, John.

John Watson: [throws the man off the train; to Mary] Sit down! A couple of soldiers come towards their compartment; a mystery person suddenly overpowers one of the soldiers and opens fire on the other men, who duck as bullets shatter the windows; when the intruder comes towards Watson, Watson draws his gun on - Holmes, in drag! John Watson: [in the train, watching for attackers with his gun ready] How many were you expecting?

Sherlock Holmes: Half a dozen. John Watson: Who are they? Sherlock Holmes: A wedding present from Moriarty. Many a tear shed in joy. Mary Watson: Oh John! John Watson: [shoots] Yes, just a minute, darling! Sherlock Holmes: Do you trust me?

Mary Watson: No! Sherlock Holmes: Well then I should have to Sherlock Holmes: John, do shut the door. In my own defence John Watson: Did you kill my wife?! Did you just kill my new wife?! Sherlock Holmes: Of course not! John Watson: [slaps him] What do you mean?

How do you know that when you just threw her off a train?! Terribly inconvenient. We don't have much time. Lovely ceremony, by the way. Many a tear shed in joy. Oh, John? Yeah, just a minute, darling. Well, then I shall have to do something about that. Send out the fast bowler! John, do shut the door. It had to be done.


She's safe now. In my own defense, I timed it perfectly.

Did you kill my wife?! Did you just kill my new wife?! Of course not! What do you mean? How do you know that when you just threw her off a train?

I told you, I timed it perfectly. What does that mean?! By the time I've explained, we'd both be dead! That was no accident. It was by design. Now, do you need me to elaborate Come on! Don't worry, old boy, she's as safe as houses. She's with my brother. I'm on my honeymoon! Why did you lead them here?!

Why did you involve us?! They aren't here for me! They're here for you! Now mind the door. Good evening. I think you'll find that second class is more comfortable. The coast is clear. To the south, quick march. Lie down with me, Watson.

What are we doing down here? We are waiting. I am smoking. Your window of opportunity. Make it count. I said make it count. How many windows must I provide? Who'd have known that honeymooning in Brighton was such a dangerous notion? Is that what this is about? By your own admission, you've never enjoyed it there. I've never been to Brighton. Or you're just too fragile to remember at present. Oh, shut up. Tell me my wife's safe. I can't do both. I promise. As I said, I timed it perfectly.

Over here, madam! I believe congratulations are in order, Mrs. I'm the other Holmes. You mean there's two of you? How marvelous. Could this evening get any better? Why were Mary and I targeted at all? Excellent question.

The answer is twofold. He's after us because of you. I'm afraid you must bear half the responsibility. So predictable.

We need you!

Thus, our relationship Very well, partnership. My dear fellow, if you could be bothered to see this through to the end I shall never again ask you to assist me. Once more unto the breach. That's the spirit. Now, to the question. This is so deliciously complicated. You may be asking yourself It's her brother, I tell you.

When we find him, and we must After you find my luggage. Go on. Where is it we're going? Paris, the most sensible honeymoon destination of all. Outside the city at Montreuil And there we shall find our fortune teller And my ticket? Unfortunately, you won't be needing yours. That's a shame, professor. I was looking forward to Don Giovanni. Follow Meinhard. Wake up, we're here. Brace yourself. We're about to be violated. Don't be so cynical. I have her bag. You had her bag.

Sherlock Holmes Script

Now they have my coat. Where is Madam Simza? This is Simza. Sim is a goose. I am Sim. Nice scarf. I like. Madam, this is a glorious hedgehog goulash. I can't remember ever having had better. Do tell me, when was the last time you had a hedgehog goulash? I told you, Watson, I can't remember. Perhaps you've repressed it. That's where we differ. Unlike you, I repress nothing. Perfectly normal. How dare you be rude to this woman who has invited us into her tent Says the man who throws women from trains.

Who are you two? Concerned citizens. Why did someone try to kill me? Your brother has become involved with a very dangerous man I don't know anything. I've been looking for him for over a year. That was why I was in London. He'd never send you a message that would put you in harm's way. Any information, therefore, would be, by default, unintentional. Has he sent you anything else?

Just a few drawings. Let's just see what they have to tell us. Unusual choice of paper. Thicker gauge, designed for a printing press.

They smell musty. Must have been stored somewhere cold and damp. What's that? So a wine cellar located near a printing press. That should narrow it down. There's a wine cellar used by the anarchist group Lapin Vert. Rene was close to their leader. Claude Ravache. I was a part of the movement. So was Rene. Until it became too extreme for us. Ravache knows me. If my brother's back there, he will see us. We will send a message. Whatever you do, don't let these gypsies make you drink.

Of course. You dance? For God's sake, don't dance. It'll be the death of you. You know what happens when you dance. Oh, good morning, Mrs. Stanley here does a wonderful deviled kidney. Telegram for Mrs. It just doesn't make any sense.

Allow me. Oh, yes. I never wish to see you again. Every moment I count away from you is a blessing. It's a double encryption, my dear If the first letter of the message is a consonant You know, although our time together has been but a brief interlude I'm beginning to understand how a man of particular disposition Thank you so much. Most charming. Terribly sorry. Where are you going, Stanley?

Whoa, whoa. Still hiding in basements? I'm not here to see you. The year of our glorious revolution. Is my brother here? I haven't seen him for a long time. You're lying. Sit, please. A letter was received from Rene using this same paper.

He took it with him wherever he went. He's telling the truth. Rene isn't here. Another Englishman And now I made a deal with the devil. But after tonight, ahem My job is almost done. He's had you plant another bomb, hasn't he? Claude, please. These men can help you. I wish they could.

You see, gentlemen If you tell us where the bomb is I'll find a way to help your family. We have a deal. He and I. No loose ends. There's only one thing I can do to keep my family safe. He has no further need of that pistol. Why don't you take it and cover the stairs? There's only one way out of this place. Right you are. That's the one.

Quickly as we can. You know what to do with that sandbag, Watson. Quick now. Doctor, could you secure that lever? You could have told me. Ravache was strong. He lived for liberty. He would never take his own life. Calm yourself. My brother, he's weak. Sim, I need you to take a deep breath To the opera.

I was mistaken. He took the shot from here. Using a tripod and a shooting stick.

And realized there was a better position. There's a faint scrape where he dragged his tripod and set it up here. Not to mention a seven- or eight-mile-an-hour wind. He would've needed a wind gauge. Which he placed here.

And put a cigarette down here. Can anyone shoot that far? Not more than half a dozen men in all of Europe. How many of those men served in Afghanistan?

Must have fallen out when he was rolling up. Wasn't that the blend you all smoked? Best marksman in the British army. Dishonorable discharge. He's likely now a gun for hire. This is the second victim of his that I've encountered. What better way to conceal a killing? No one looks for a bullet hole in a bomb blast. I don't have any papers. And I am a foreigner.

This climate is exactly what Moriarty wants. The omelet fines herbes was divine Now shall we compare moods, or consider what we know? Last night's bombing was clearly meant The man killed by the gunshot was none other than Alfred Meinhard. He makes guns. Big guns. Only days ago, a large share of his company was bought by an unknown investor.

The clues point in one direction, but to avoid repeating last night's debacle I was obliged to collect more sufficient data, hence my tardiness. Train departs in 40 minutes, sir. We have enough time for me to indulge my little habit. His habit of feeding that urban species, the feral pigeon.

So there are seven mainline railway stations in Paris. But taking 10 minutes to get to the Jardin des Tuileries It makes several stops along the way, one of which is Exactly where we must go.

Where Meinhard's factory is.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)

It's Moriarty's factory now. Unfortunately, due to the bombing I'm afraid our pursuit is over unless we can happen upon a comrade Too English. However, you do make a fantastic gypsy. Certainly smell like a fantastic gypsy. Now, now, no need to be demeaning. It is a nice scarf.

No, no, too English. It'll suit you more. Black one is yours.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows - English Transcript

Gray one is mine. Can't you ride? It's not that he can't ride. How is it you put it, Holmes? They're dangerous at both ends and crafty in the middle. Why would I want anything with a mind of its own bobbing about between my legs? Then I shall require a bicycle, thank you very much. It's Could've chartered a balloon. How can we make this more manageable? Where's the fire? It's not as if Germany is going somewhere.

We know another way. Slow and steady wins the race. We slip in through the loading bay, find out what he's doing Getting out might be tricky. We will get you out. If my brother's in there, get him out alive. Are you happy? I'm not going to grace that question with an answer.

Send this to Mycroft. Be back here on the hour. That's what you get, Mr. Holmes, when industry marries arms. Now put your gun down. It's a bit old-fashioned.

What you need is one of these. Pick one. Machine pistol, self-repeating. Takes 1. A shot box magazine. I'd imagine one would have to retract the bolt to engage the first round. Easier done than said. Take him to the surgery. I'll find the doctor. If inconvenient, come all the same. A telegram was sent from here. This isn't schnapps, it's aquavit, distilled from potato mash.

A common misconception.

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Thank you, by the way. Who was it sent to? My horror at your crimes is matched only You used the anarchists and their bombs to create a crisis in Europe All to be shipped across Europe in less than a week. Everything from bullets to bandages. Now that you own the supply, you intend to create the demand.

A world war. You are familiar with Schubert's work. The Trout is perhaps my favorite. A fisherman grows weary of trying to catch an elusive fish. Out the way, out the way. So he muddies the water. I'm warning you. Confuses the fish. You were warned. It doesn't realize until too late that it has swum into a trap. Let's try this again, shall we? To whom did you send the telegram? To my To my brother Mycroft. What are you playing at? That's not fair.

I've just got one more question for you. Which one of us is the fisherman Take your time. Always good to see you, Watson. Well, if you must know, I was thinking I had him right where I wanted him. Crack on, then.

I'm all right, I'm all right. Don't waste time attending to me. I'll find them.

Turn in three, two, one. Come on, hurry up! Did you see my brother?Professor James Moriarty. But, it is a huge mistake to theorize before one has data. We are giving the weak masses a strong Shepard. I promise. I'll find a way to help your family. Why would he attack all the nations only to unite them?