ICS Supersedes EN English Version Access the full version online. I.S. EN EN: COMBINED PDF. BRITISH STANDARD BS EN Licensed Copy: Institute Of EN E worldwide for CEN national Members. Download pdf. × Close. Denna standard ersätter SS-EN , utgåva 1. The European Standard EN has the status of a Swedish Standard.

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Printed Edition + PDF; Immediate download; $; Add to Cart method for steel valve shells; German version EN Home; BS EN Preview Secure PDF. ℹ Printed Edition + PDF; Immediate download; $; Add to Cart. BSI BS EN PDF FORMAT(ELECTRONIC COPY) world's cheapest available for download within 24 hours of delivery, welcome to download!.

UG37 Presentation of equation for A1 optimised on input mask.

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Traceability improved Visio Colouring of Visio shapes revised. Legibility improved. Version 8. You cannot start the server separately anymore. ATLAS System The small blue squares in an input field, indicating that there is information concerning this variable, are replaced by small blue question marks.

The functionality stays the same. When printing big projects, containing many modules and equations, a program crash was possible.

Industrial valves. Shell design strength. Calculation method for steel valve shells

Printing a file is now a separate process. While printing you can now continue working with the program or even close the program. If you need an offline help, please ask us how to proceed manually. Now there is a message and the user can decide whether to continue the scenario calculation or abort it and correct the error. The user setting 'Number of possible undo steps' was not saved.

B8 Equation for calculation of rectangular flanges corrected in help file. Beben When selecting 'Calculation acc.

EN09 Error solved when evaluating the geometrical conditions in the different cases section 9. EN10 Error with automatic module connection, The 'Required wall thickness of the end' was connected to the 'wall thickness tolerance'. EN11 Blind holes in second flange only: Strength conditions of the thread in the second flange were calculated with the material of the first flange.

Now the material of he second flange is used. Operating stress with test conditions selected and vice versa. Nevertheless, it was only displayed incorrectly.

The calculation was always correct. The formulae in EN consider the valve as a pressure vessel and ensure that there will be no excessive deformation or plastic instability.

The internal diameter of the inlet bore of the valve gives the reference dimension from which the tabulated wall thickness of the body is calculated. The tabulated thicknesses in accordance with EN are calculated using the thin cylinder formula that is also used in EN EN gives these pc values for all the tabulated PN and Class designations.

EN specifies PN, Standard Class and Special Class pressure temperature ratings for valve shells with bodies having the tabulated thickness. These tabulated pressure temperature ratings are applicable to a group of materials and are calculated using a selected stress which is determined from the material properties representative of the group, using safety factors defined in EN Each tabulated pressure temperature rating is given a reference pressure designation to identify it.

The tabulation method gives one thickness for the body for each PN or Class designation depending only on the inside diameter, Di, of the body at the point where the thickness is to be determined. The calculated pressure is limited by the ceiling pressure which sets up an upper boundary for high strength materials and limits the deflection. A merit of the tabulation method, which has a fixed set of shell dimensions irrespective of the material of the shell, is that it is possible to have common patterns and forging dies.UG37 Determination of material chracteristics in UG28 module.

Both methods offer a safe and proven method of designing pressure-bearing components for valve shells. Antistatic device EN A merit of the tabulation method, which has a fixed set of shell dimensions irrespective of the material of the shell, is that it is possible to have common patterns and forging dies.


Methode de calcul relative aux enveloppes d'appareils de robinetterie en acier. Editor, DIN. Shell design strength.