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download Production and Operation Analysis 7th edition () by Steven Nahmias and Tava Lennon Olsen for Production and Operation Analysis by Steven Nahmias and Tava Lennon Olsen - ISBN .. $ eBook. The Seventh Edition of Production and Operations Analysis builds a solid foundation for beginning students of production and operations. Production and Operations Analysis Steven Nahmias provides a survey of the analytical methods used to support the functions of production and operations.

The reduced-cost version is an excellent move. Among its strengths are mathematical rigor, comprehensive coverage of all important topics, snapshots, and historical notes. Best of all, the price is very, very reasonable!

It covers exactly the topics I deliver in one semester. Also, it has the right level of mathematical rigor. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? The Seventh Edition of Production and Operations Analysis builds a solid foundation for beginning students of production and operations management.

Continuing a long tradition of excellence, Nahmias and Olsen bring decades of combined experience to craft the most clear and up-to-date resource available. The authors' thorough updates include incorporation of current technology that improves the effectiveness of production processes, additional qualitative sections, and new material on service operations management and servicization.

Bolstered by copious examples and problems, each chapter stands alone, allowing instructors to tailor the material to their specific needs. The text is essential reading for learning how to better analyze and improve on all facets of operations.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Hardcover Verified download. I'm not yet through with this book in the course I am taking that uses it, so bear that in mind.

Also bear in mind that I come from a mathematical background, not a management or industrial or systems engineering background. That said, this book is distinctly divided into two major areas: New in this edition are the inclusion of many qualitative ideas including risk factors involving a range of four terms from variation to chaos something apparently new in the field , a guidance on methodologies for aggregate planning, the entirety of Chapter 7, among other things.

And for each of these things we're currently on chapter 4 in class, but I've read through Chapter 10 , nothing is explained in any concrete terms. It comes off as a lot of double speak to throw you around so the author can say "Hey we included this new material now we're the most comprehensive book out there!

This was quite the issue in both the Variation-Chaos range of risk analysis where the wording of each example you're supposed to match to one of the four terms was largely ambiguous and when dealing with aggregate planning but considering "special cases," such as stock outs, demand backordered or lost, etc. In some cases, you're meant to justify a point like deciding if something is a variational risk or a planned risk , but the author gives no real indication that this is okay and treats it more as a binary idea you're right or wrong so choose correctly.

This is disconcerting since apparently, there actually IS a statistical difference in the differences in terms--meaning there are concrete differences in them, so there actually can be right or wrong answers. But in the case of aggregate planning, the biggest offender comes into play.

Seventh Edition ePub Popular

Engineering is a largely jargon-heavy field, where each textbook uses its own vocabulary, experienced professionals use theirs, and while there is much overlay, good textbooks accurately explain sometimes just one sentence is necessary what this jargon means.

This book does not. You are assumed to not only have some knowledge of manufacturing or production and the jargon associated, you are ALSO expected to have knowledge of financial measures you might not yet have. This is because the book talks about a few ideas as if you already knew them and then tells you to deal with said problem. A rough example is the book telling you that stock outs can be a major factor in aggregate planning because of some reason, so now here's a problem telling you to modify a previous problem but include a stock out.

Don't know what a stock out is?

Don't know how you modify an existing problem to accurately reflect it? That's too bad. It's not a hard thing to do, but neither is adding 2 and 3 to get 5, but you still had to learn it somehow by counting two and then three more fingers on your hand when you were younger.

Imagine if your teacher taught you how to add but assumed you already knew; here we have an operations book teaching operations analysis and assuming you have some operations analysis knowledge already.

Bad idea. Which leads to the other offender that isn't TOO bad but only because of my "good points" section coming up. There are very few examples illustrating how to do anything at all. The book is largely interested in the qualitative or descriptive explanations for why things are the way they are. From a math background, this is the engineering equivalent of "handwaving" that math text authors will use to skip several steps between examples or worse proofs.

Normally again, for my upcoming explanation , this isn't too bad. The problem is how VARIED the problems all are, requiring some precision in tinkering with the machinery, but you're only told the basics of what an idea is. Imagine if someone detailed to you, very clearly, the steps in assembling a basic electronic circuit involving resistance, capacitance, inductance, and voltage.

And then you were suddenly given a brief explanation for what a signal antenna does, and you were now asked to build one. Good luck! But that is what is done here frequently. So now let's talk about the good points! The examples this book does show, they are amazingly explained with almost every step fully detailed, and the problem types are varied enough for you that, when you solve them, you will wind up with many different tools under your belt to tackle just about any problem provided of course you can handle them.

In many cases, problems are solved through Excel than by hand, and this book doesn't just throw Excel at you--it teaches you how to work with Excel.

You are told, very clearly, not only what to do, but WHY you need to do it according to the formulas or problem presentation, so you can accurately and correctly link your machinations to your actual thinking process indeed, many students struggle seeing their professor quickly go through an example in Excel or on the computer when equations and examples are solved in the book step-by-step, or "by hand.

In fact, this book is an excellent text on showing you how you ought to be setting up problems in Excel so you can learn really, REALLY good organizational skills in managing your worksheets. Except for books specifically dealing with Excel like the Excel Bible , I don't think I've seen a book that better illustrates the organization good planners use when creating tables of information to use and it all starts early on in Chapter 3's Aggregate Planning, so you get a lot of experience throughout the rest of the book, where many other books just throw in an Appendix saying "oh by the way you can use Excel here's how".

This, then, is the perfect marriage of thinking like a planner working by hand or thought and planning like a worker putting numbers in a table and manipulating them to some extent. There is also some obvious thought as to the flow of the book. You're taken from Step 1 of the planning procedure all the way to the Final Step of the production procedure in a way that, I think, accurately reflects the production plant's "mind," if it can have one.

I've seen books that throw all the basics of all the steps at the beginning and use the latter half to discuss special situations. This book prefers to handle everything in a timely way. Need to learn how to deal with inventory? What about inventory with uncertain demand? That's not 12 chapters away because it's "special," that comes logically right after. Considering how irritatingly many engineering books are written, especially one so focused on descriptive ideas rather than pure number crunching math, this is a welcome breath of fresh air.

It can be compared to the massive and commonly used Operations Research text by Winston, which is a typical student's introduction to linear programming, operations research, and program planning. That book is definitely the ideal introduction to a subject with how clearly examples are done, but the flow of topics seems One of the key changes that have been made is to set the consideration of the management of food and beverage operations within a broader business framework.

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Production and Operations Analysis, Seventh Edition – Ebook PDF Version

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Keywords hotel food service, food and beverage management, profitability Disciplines Food and Beverage Management Comments Required Publisher Is has also been assumed that those using this text will have already acquired knowledge and skills in food and beverage operations.

Here are a few ways that you can use this knowledge. This website is now available without registration to everyone, however some elements of the website will require an NUIG student login.

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It addresses food knowledge and the relationship between different foods and beverages.Develop and maintain food and beverage product knowledge. I've seen books that throw all the basics of all the steps at the beginning and use the latter half to discuss special situations. Good for students, professors and professionals. Free, printable food and drink quiz questions and answers with a UK focus.

A knowledge I want to share about Food and Beverage industry Enthusiastic Food and Beverage Attendant who is well-known for local and federal food handling laws. Healthy and Free online hospitality management course focusing on customer service, food preparation and industry-specific English-language skills. Please try again later. Job Description of a Food and Beverage Director.

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